Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I hope you guys who voted are joking too...there's no way I'll lose to a Maine emigrant.  My winter is so much colder all I HAVE to do is watch this movie.

Oh, and I did have another observation:

When we meet Skat, Mia and Joff for the second time (right around mark 34:00) they're performing a skit where Mia dances to Joff's drumming, and then is wooed away by Skat and his pipe-playing.  Now Joff's costume gives him horns, which is a symbol for a cuckold, or a man whose wife cheats on him, and Skat's gives him the head of a rooster, or "cock", signifying virility.  The fun part is that this play neatly parallels what happens in real life just a minute or so later.  Skat, still appropriately dressed as a rooster, seduces the laviscious Lisa despite her marriage to Plogg.  If you REALLY want to read into the symbols here, you can even make the point that when Skat first kisses Lisa and she laughs the sound is drowned out by the sound effect of a rooster crowing.  So, just like Mia pretended to be overwhelmed by Skat the character's virility, Lisa is just moments later truly overcome by Skat the man's same quality.

Or, I might have just watched this movie too much already...but it's something that jumped out at me during #30 and I wanted to mention it.

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