Thursday, November 12, 2009

Push to midseason

I got to #48 yesterday as I wanted, but was prevented from getting to that all-important halfway mark due to my friend Katie's birthday party.  Fun time, lots of cuties, and luck willing I should still be able to get 2-3 watches in tonight to get the ball rolling passed #50.  I'm planning on doing some special posts to commemorate the event (first half MVPs, best watches, etc) so hopefully I'll be able to get to those this weekend while I take 3 whole days off from watching T7S.  I'd like to be more than 4 up on Cole going into my little "vacation" but I think that we're both still too far away from 100 to make a serious push for it yet.  I'm planning on doing that around #80 or so, and that's still a few weeks away.

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