Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Point of Controversy (well, "half point")

I talked to Nicole this morning, and she raised an interesting point, though it's one that I contend is moot at this juncture.  As I stated in an earlier post I brought my laptop and copy of T7S to work and watched just under an hour of it during my lunch break.  Nicole, as she works as a chef, doesn't get a set lunch "break", and so is not afforded the same opportunity.  She contended this morning that because I could watch at work and she couldn't it was an unfair advantage, and so should be abolished.  I disagree completely, and for a few reasons:

1) There was no rule against watching at work set out at the start of the competition, though there were several others that were.  To make a rule now would be punishing a previously unrecognized advantage retroactively.
2) The "unfair" aspect doesn't really fly in my book because it has to do with things controlled by our employers, whom we selected when we chose to work at our respective jobs.  Nicole couldn't work last week because she had a head cold and works with food; I could have worked with a similar malady.  Is that fair?  Should she have to forfeit the viewings she did while sick at home because I wouldn't have been able to take those days off?  I don't think so.
3) The advantage is negligible.  I have an hour lunch break, which is barely enough to finish one half of a viewing.  It's not like I'm a night security guard at a mall who can actually watch T7S while i'm working.

But anyway, in the spirit of fairness we compromised and said that we'd appeal for a ruling to an impartial third party.  I put out the name of her brother, Paul, and await her yea/nay vote on that.

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