Monday, November 9, 2009


So Cole caught me this afternoon, which means that it's time to rev the engine back up and crush some dreams.  I'm shooting for 3 viewings tonight to get me to 40 total, and then I'll pack on a few more tomorrow before veteran's day, which I have totally off work.  The record so far for one day is 6 viewings, so I might try and equal that, and then if I can get a few in thursday night it should push me well past the 50 mark for my weekend off with my cousin.

I talked to Cole about the "taking days off" deal that's been happening recently, and we threw out the idea of not allowing leads of more than 5 viewings until one of us reaches #75.  It's attractive because Cole was pretty close to dropping out once I'd gotten ahead 37-30, but honestly I think that once we get passed #50 it'll really be rolling downhill and it'll be hard for me to stop.  Thoughts of being finished by Thanksgiving are just about shot, but it's Christmas or Bust for this cabajerro.

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