Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Watched #29 when I got home today, and I think taking yesterday off was a bad idea.  It was BRUTAL, and i've definitely got some eye strain.  To quote Kenny Powers: "I feel like an asian guy trying to jerk off".  Well, not that bad probably, but I think I'm going to get #30 in and then call it a night.  I got a text from Nicole and she had to work a double shift at the restaurant so she was still at work around 8, and is still stuck on #26.  I can live with being 4 up going into tomorrow, though I really want to try the 6AM viewing.  I had my alarm all set this morning but when I woke up I realized that I'd left T7S in my laptop downstairs.  Yeah...I didn't *quite* make it downstairs to retrieve the dvd.

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