Monday, November 9, 2009

sticky buns

Does it bother anyone else how Dorris refers to the sticky buns?
Rita: These sticky buns are just heaven
Doris: Aren't they?
and as she says it she looks at Phil with such intensity and seduction, i wonder if she put something in the sticky buns, or if it's one she dropped on the floor.
Also I wonder about the bartender, I feel like he's in it too, his sideways glance, his quirky smile as if he knows.

I'm turning into Phil paranoid that everyone is in on the joke...maybe it is one big joke?

Nils and I discussed the humor of watching our films in reverse. I would watch Phil fall into a deeper and darker and more bitter place, Nils' film wouldn't fluctuate much, more full circle.

Next post, in honor of my old playwriting teacher will be dissecting the film using Goethe's three points of critique:
What was the artist trying to do?
How well did he do it?
Was it worth doing?
I challenge Nils to do the same.

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