Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Watched T7S 4 times last night while drinking heavily with Cole, once this morning while being incredibly hung over with Cole.  One was better than the other.

I found a few errors in the movie too:

1) When Death cuts down the tree to kill Jonas Skat, he uses a handsaw and cuts from the right side.  The tree when it falls does so to Death's left, which is impossible.  If you cut a tree on it's right side it will always fall to it's right, unless it was cockeyed to start with, or someone is pulling it.  You also can't cut a tree that size with a hand saw the way that Death does (namely, a straight horizontal cut).  You have to cut at an angle otherwise the saw blade will bind and prevent you from finishing the cut.

2) When Jons helps to push the witch's cart out of the mud, you can clearly see a woman in a white dress walking in the background.  Those particular scenes were filmed in the back lot of the studio in Sweden, so the woman was likely just walking down the street and had no idea that she'd be in a Bergman movie.

Okay, I'm starting 46 right now.  I'm pushing for 50 watches by the end of the day, and then a few more tomorrow night before I take the weekend off.  Oh, and happy Veteran's Day!

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