Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Fever

Or should I say "the plague"?  I've been thinking about T7S all day; about watching it, about reading about it, about drinking games that could be played with it, everything.  I think the 4xdaily watching is starting to feel natural.  I'm actually looking forward to a weekend mostly off in dismay even though I'm visiting friends and playing wiffleball.  I'm rolling around the idea of finishing in 11 days by watching 4x a day in my head like a pearl in an oyster, savoring it's sweetness and saltiness that's so similar to sweat and tears. If I could somehow manage to watch T7S 4x a day for 9 days, and slip in an extra 6 viewings somewhere, I could finish on Thanksgiving.  Could it be done?  I don't want anything more.  If I can make myself watch it once at 6AM every morning and then 4x after work I'd only get 5 1/2 hours of sleep a night, but I could be done in 8 days.  Can a human do this?  Am I more afraid of not trying than of going for it?  I had an epiphany this afternoon, when I was reading "Kingdom Come", a book about the end of the world as told through the life of Superman, a book that quotes the same passages of Revelations that T7S does, that this challenge was never about Nicole and I fighting against each other.  It's about pushing one's limits, and finding out if we pop like overfilled balloons, or expand into new dimensions that make allow us to see the world differently.  I started this journey as a man; could I finish as a type of Kwizatz Hadderach?

I changed all of my video game characters names to "Antonius Block".  I am the crusader knight.

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