Saturday, November 7, 2009


Okay, so I've gone back-to-back-to-back so far today and had scotch for lunch and honestly I'm tripping a bit.  I'm at 1:10:00 on viewing #37 and Mia just said "I don't like the moon tonight" and I completely agree with her.  It's all pale and circular and intrusive. It reminds me of an episode of Clone High where JFK smokes a joint mad from raisins and thinks the moon is following him.  I think I should make a sandwich and take a nap.  Cole and I are playing drinking games tonight after Fedor kills Bret Rogers and I need to be awake for it.  We're playing a top secret game called Dicecards! that I helped invent and it's merciless against the already-drunk.

I also just read this: and it put me in the mood to try and pick a day to watch T7S 10 times.  Maybe when I get to 90 I'll take a sick day and try it?  What would happen to a person who spent 16 straight hours watching the same thing?  Would my eyes burn out?  Would I start talking in Swedish?

I also shaved my head into a mohawk last night.  I'd like to say I blame the egg rolls and not the ecstasy*, but I didn't take any ecstasy so it was probably the aforementioned scotch.

*That's a quote, I don't actually take drugs. Unless "drugs" are black and white movies from 1956 Sweden.

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