Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bing again.

Alright folks it's time i gave some thoughts to this whole crazy shingdig. I would like to note that I did not get a week off work due to illness, and though many of you would probably not care to know this, I continued cooking fine product for our patrons while violently ill with the bacon flu. I was sent home early, and got a few more viewings in than normal but would like to note that I did indeed still work a 50 hour work week. Should i truly be punished for not having the luxuries of a lunchbreak and water cooler conversation? True it was my choice to become a chef, and not to fiddle away in a cubicle with a ficus. However I feel that only the time spent outside the office is apt viewing time. I will allow all previous viewings that Nils has completed but will accept no future ones.
Onto notes of the movie and this experience as a whole...seriously.
Seriously I doubted my own abilities to join into such an experience but here we are 10 days in, and 26 viewings complete. originally I had believed to pace myself, two viewings a week would be simple, and easy, and a relaxing way to hit the one year mark. After my first GHD experience I wanted to die, the initial viewing was painful, a horrendous and repetitive film latent with bad acting and worse writing. There are some saving grace moments, but on the whole a superficial film with little to read into, and less to grab the attention of the viewer. Bill Murray though charming is not acting at his full capacity, due mostly to off screen arguments with the writer as to whether or not this film should be shown as a comedy or a philosophy, mr. murray leaning towards the latter...apparently the two have not spoken since the release of this film.
My own concept of reality has become slightly skewed. I hear the opening music in my head each morning as I start my day, as i cross E.122 i find i do the same skip, as i open the door to the kitchen it's all in the same motions. I have my own Ned that greets me every morning, though instead of a dweeb of an insurance agent it's a rotund gentlemen, always in a sweatsuit who comments on my necklace whether i'm wearing one or not...lovely. I am living my own groundhog day...with a more captivating story line. I come home from work, i watch a redundant film as I eat my dinner and as I fall asleep. Only to arise to the same hell. I live in Cleveland which has a Puxatony feel...perhaps by the end of this challenge i too will play piano and become a gifted ice sculptor, with a knack to bring cheer to all.
I promise to buy Nils his own groundhog at the completion of this challenge, so that he may live with the burden that he has bestowed upon me.

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