Sunday, November 1, 2009

A thought

So Death wins the chess game at right around 1:25:00, but doesn't take Block. Putting aside the fact that according to the movie he's been trying to kill the knight since the very first scene, and should be anxious to get it over with, the only thing that happens from 1:25 until he reappears at 1:34:00 is that the group adds the knight's wife Kurin to their party. Is there a group discount on trips to the afterlife? I guess that it just doesn't make sense to me why Death would wait what's really only about an hour (I can gauge the time as being about an hour because Joff and Mia flee the campsite just before Death wins the game, and the horse that pulls their wagon couldn't have pulled it for more than an hour without stopping. They're not shown to have stopped until about the time that Block and the others reach the castle, and so it's inferred that Jof and Mia are no more than an hour away).

Then again, being killed at this point is almost a mercy to Kurin: in the last 10 years she's lost her husband, her friend Jon's wife, all of her servants, and then just when her husband returns home having aged HORRIBLY she finds that he's doomed to die. No wonder she's so polite to Death when he finally shows up.

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