Saturday, November 14, 2009

In summary of the big 50

I'm still amazed how fast this competition has gone. i thought it would take a year, and it would really drag...
I remembered the fears and giddy excitement Nils and I shared before pressing play for the first time; remembering the first 10 views thinking, this is painful, this is horrible, i want to never see this movie again. Then focusing more on the routine, feeling odd in the absence of the familiar characters, songs, themes. With such a hectic job and crazy hours, there was something comforting in his daily routine. And before I knew it, I was at 50.
Yes there was a struggle, Nils started to pull so far ahead and with such gusto, i was afraid that my work schedule would never allow me to get ahead, but with some kindness of a friend/competitor, and some words of encouragement, I caught up and here we are tied again. It's not determination keeping me from finishing first, it's free hours in the day.
I've enjoyed people's reactions to this epic battle, some, most, all think it's a giant waste of time...but all, most, some are seriously envious of the saga.

Cheers to Nils, a formidable opponent, he is dealing with a serious film, and I admire his analysis. He has been more generous than necessary, perhaps. I admire his determination, he just pushes me to go further, to finish, to say that yes, I am the one person in this world who has seen this movie 100 times. To be that person to say "don't throw that phrase around lightly kid...100 times is not easy, could you really, seriously watch one movie, one hundred times and it's not pretty"

My hats off to you Nils for getting to 50, first, let the battle/race/bout continue!!!!!!

Holy Shit foreshadowing?!
I just realized he says "Someday someone is going to see me interviewing a groundhog and think i don't have a future" don't have a future, get it?!

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