Saturday, November 14, 2009

just like a swedish winter get him where the sun don't shine

that's a direct quote from my friend in Chicago, yet another vote of support.
"hot water"
"no there wouldn't be any today"
what does that even mean? seriously? this line doesn't make sense, it's a B&B, they have power, they aren't using a well, it's not the 1920s.
Also why is he sharing a bathroom, he's a celebrity, in an emergency?
Also I disapprove of his piano teachers cowboy boots (this is prior to her being a piano teacher and her being the woman in the street that says "We're going to Gobbler's Knob"
Oh Ned...You are...You have...the most fantastic run.
Speaking of repetition of characters you can see the waiter who Phil outs, dancing like a broadway showstopper on the kiosk.
More to come...super excited for the 50 best of, I'm on 49 now...50 is next and it's going to be the best viewing ever.

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