Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reaction to First Few Watches

I now know exactly what happens at the 30:00 mark (The attempted rape of the mute girl by Raval, the exact second that Raval tries to close the door and finds Jons behind it), the 37:45 mark (exactly one hour to go, the procession of the flaggelants enters the square, the screen cuts to a woman with brown hair who is crying) and the 60:00 mark (Plog stands during his talk about women with Jons and states how he will kills his wife Lisa and Jonas Skat when he finds them).

I also know from the audio commentary that Ingmar Bergman was dating Bibi Andersson, the actress who plays Mia, during the filming in 1956, and continued to for several years afterward. I also know that the corpse Jons (played by Gunnar Bjornstrand) finds at mark 10:00 is played by the assistant director and that Bergman had him walk into the commisary during lunch and delighted at how his gruesome makeup put off everyone's appetite. My old 3 favorite characters were Jons, Jonas Skat and Death, and now they are Death only in the scene where he cuts down Jonas Skat's tree (at mark 65:00), Anders Eck as the damning priest (at mark 39:00) and the witch, who appears twice and is riveting both times for her commitement to the role. Not everyone could stand having the actual blood and bile of a dog thrown at them, but she pulls it off well...

I've additonally picked up a few Swedish words by watching the swedish audio track version with subtitles turned off. A lot of Swedish sounds similar to French and Italian and there are a ton of English homonyms, which makes sense when you consider the historical input into Scandinavia by those countries. I'm going to keep at it; I'd really like to be able to learn Anders Eck's speech that he gives to the crowd at mark 39:00.

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