Thursday, October 29, 2009

11 Views in...or make that 11.4...

One view in, The Seventh Seal was looking fairly good. Bits of humor and creative camera angles made it quite watchable, and there were no really terrible acting performances that could be magnified into eyesores after repeated viewings. However, at this point I'd gone from a lead of 10-4 in views to a deficet of 11-12, all due to a bout of bad luck and canny strategy. Down 10-4 my opponent had played the sympathy card and coaxed me into taking a full day off from watch T7S so she could catch up and at least make it competitive. She reminded me that the original reason behind us both doing this was that we could motivate each other and thus not bow out. On the day off she watched Groundhog Day 3 times and got to within 3, and then was struck by the flu bug and got all of today off from work. Having watched it twice the past two nights she'd caught me at 11, and so planned to take a 2 watch lead today whilst I clacked away at my keyboard at work. Now I'd started watching T7S last night, and had reached the 40min mark (when Lisa the blacksmith's wife is commencing her seduction of Jonas Skat) but had fallen asleep, just barely remembering to pause the movie so that it could be resumed later. So I'm stuck at 11.4 views while Nicole rushes out to possibly 13.

All is not lost however, as I fully intend to finish view #12 and commence view #13 tonight, and get a solid 5-6 viewings in this weekend. No Halloween plans as of yet, so it's possible Antonius Block and I might be spending a record-setting weekend together.

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