Friday, October 30, 2009

Live Blog 10/30/09

Okay so here's the first post in the live blog feed from watching The Seventh Seal. I'm going to try and do at least 1 post per 15 minutes of the movie, plus some other ones when I get to a part I find particularly interesting.

First the long, boring, SILENT opening credits. Bergman liked to rush through the opening credits but really...spring for some music. Then the cut to the sea eagle suspended in the air. I haven't figured that part out to be honest...why a sea eagle? Apparently Bergman starts a bunch of his movies by the ocean because he thinks that it represents turmoil and birth and wants the audience to think of the characters of just "arriving there" but all I can think of is "where is their ship?".

Max von Sydow was 26 when this was filmed in 1956, and looks like he's about 35 in the opening scene. He looks about 65 later on. In fact, I'll supply a "Von Sydow Age" for each scene. It's like his wrinkles replicate themselves.

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