Friday, October 30, 2009

36min in

The second creepiest scene of T7S: During Jonas Skat's seduction by Lisa he blows in her ear and she laughs, except that the mikes didn't record the laugh, and instead they overlaid audio of a rooster crowing. That doesn't sound scary? Trust me, it is fucking terrifying. I instinctively curl into the fetal position every time I see that scene. I might watch it on mute for the next 20 times.

Oh yeah, and at 37min in Anders Eck's monk character basically insults an entire town and says that they're all going to die horrible deaths at any second. Dominus Ominus. My favorite is when he points at a pregnant woman and says "You, woman, your teeming flesh witness to your lust, will you wither and die before the sun sets tomorrow??" Fun fact! I learned a new Swedish word. Apparently "DAMNDA" means "damned". Tell your friends!

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