Friday, October 30, 2009

13 Watches down: Enter the Drinking Game

I attempted to get back to within striking distance of Nicole last night by finishing my 12th viewing (started on wednesday) and getting in my 13th. She was at 16 as of yesterday due to her inhuman performance of watching Groundhog Day 5 times in one day. Watching it with my roomate, who's already seen the movie and didn't particularly want to watch it again necessitated the invention of something that I'd planned to save for the dreary stretch of watches between 50-70: the drinking game.

We decided on some simple rules to start: 1) A drink whenever Death was in the shot, 2) a drink whenever anyone said "God" or "Lord" and 3) a drink whenever more than three characters were in the frame. The last one wasn't actually as bad as it sounds; Bergman primarily focuses on the small group of Antonius Block, Jons, Joff, Mia, Plogg, Lisa, Jonas Skat and the mute girl. He also combines them into the one group slowly as the movie progresses, and they aren't seen all together until just past the hour mark of the movie. Before then the only scenes with more than 3 people in a frame are the dancing bear scene, the flaggellants, and the scenes with Joff, Mia, Skat and Michael in the caravan near the beginning. Death appears only 7 times in the film, and so as we watched the movie we included under the umbrella of "Death" the gruesome skull-mask used by Jonas Skat near the start and then hung off of a branch on Joff and Mia's wagon.

Results, like the drinks, were mixed. Derek emphatically stated that there wasn't enough drinking. Because he said it "Sher's n'unuff shrinking!" I think that he may have been biased, but I think that we'll need to tweak the rules a bit as the drinking pace was quite slow for stretches. Perhaps something based on a change in music? I'm open to suggestions in the comments sections!

Watch Counter: 8 days, 13 watches

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