Friday, October 30, 2009

30 min in

I never want to meet Jons (played by Gunnar Bjornstrand) in a dark anything, let alone a dark house like the one he confronts the attempted rapist Raval in. He must be dead now, so yeah a corpse anywhere is gross, but the man is a HOUSE. He's at least six inches to a foot taller than Raval, and tosses him around like a rag doll before almost sawing through his throat. The fact that he's denied even a thank-you kiss from the girl for saving her in no way diminishes his manliness. He's almost Chase Utley-ish. 40% bulletproof mountain lion.

(Jons gets rebuffed for his kiss)
Jons: You know I could have raped you. I never really go in for that though. It's too dull at the end.
Mute girl: ...

And then the movie cuts back to Bibbi Andersson dancing seductively in a jester's outfit. How is this 1956 again?

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