Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The voice, and 75 starting

At the beginning of the movie the first lines are from The Revelations of St. John the Divine, a fact that we all know by this point.  However, watching the intro this time something struck me.  The voice that reads the lines, the only "narrator" that we have throughout the entire movie really...it sounds remarkably similar to that of Bengt Ekarot, the actor that plays Death.  Could it be that the entire movie is a story set up by Death?  A parable of a sort, designed to advocate Joff's approach to life instead of Antonius Block's?  That would certainly put a slant on the story, and make it even more of an overt commentary on ethics than it already is.  Joff and Mia are already essentially caricatures of Joseph and Maria, the "adopted" parents of Christ (Abstinence!  99.99999% effective!).  If Bergman has framed T7S as a cautionary story told by Death it would blow my mind.  This question must be answered.

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