Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Crux, no, not a Harry Potter post

Nicole recently told me, flat out, that she has no interest in reaching 100 viewings of GHD.  She never really got back into the flow of watching it after the long hiatus and even though she's 19 viewings away with 27 days left has decided to throw in the towel and concede the (presumed, as she's still technically sitting ahead of me) victory.

Initially I was disappointed because it was a really strange thing that we'd been able to share for almost a year.  We'd gone from great friends to a couple, and though I can't give all of the credit to Antonius Block and Phil Connors, I think they deserve some at least.  I'm still intending to finish my 100 but I think I've started to already look back on the competition with fondness, not only for how it changed me but how I've changed in general over the course of the last 11 months, accompanied by a conflicted knight and his jaded squire.  When I see copies of The Seventh Seal in movie stores I don't exclaim "Hey!  I know that movie!" but instead it's a slow smile as if I was greeting a forgotten friend, and a slew of memories from a time when I dared to be stupid.

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