Thursday, September 16, 2010

Starting 78 - Am I Joff or Raval?

With Cole suffering from a head cold and unable to watch Groundhog Day as she catches up on sleep, I'm feeling pangs of guilt as I forge ahead to try and catch her this week.  Am I Raval, who steals from the dead and attempts to take advantage of those less fortunate?  Does this mean that I'll die of the plague?  Then again, Joff indirectly steals from the dead when he purloins the "solid silver" bracelet from Raval later on.  If I'm the underdog as opposed to the bully does it mitigate or even absolve my actions?  I'm thinking that I should be extra nice to Cole regardless.  Either she gets better and finishes strong with me, or appreciates the kindness enough to let it slide that I've snuck in 3 viewings while she's gotten in none.

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