Monday, September 13, 2010

Sing a ling

Jons sings about death and sex while Joff sings about religious holidays.  Not so subtle here, Ingmar...

I was also watching the performance by Joff, Mia and Skat in the town near Elsinore and caught the joke again.  The first song that they play has Skat (dressed as a rooster, or "cock") seducing Mia away from her husband Joff, who is thus crowned with a cuckold's horns.  Of course then the next scene is Skat seducing Lisa, who thus cuckolds her husband Plogg.  The irony is not lost here.  The really interesting part is that in the second song Joff and Mia sing about Death celebrating a victory.  That could really be perceived as Death making an appearance in the story, summoned if you will by Skat and Lisa's indiscretion.  Visited by Death in this way, and unable to postpone his Death by way of a game of chess as Block had done, Skat is then the first to die.  Lisa is saved, at least momentarily, because she travels with Block and the virtuous actors.

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