Monday, October 18, 2010

Proud loser

uuuhhhh so I threw in the towel, the summer became hectic and the viewings became less of a priority. I hold confident that I would have finished viewing groundhog's day 100 times had I kept the momentum from the start, but after the move, the new job, my cousin's wedding, and planning for the future, seeing Bill Murray shove angelfood cake in his mouth once more made me nauseous.
I'm proud and impressed with Nils for his accomplishments, all of them. He stuck to his guns and truly seemed to love the competition it's sad to see him bid farewell to a friend.

His prize? Crete. Nils and I depart on Wednesday for the island of Crete for 10 days...10 days of sun, warmth, and ocean breezes...something opposite both of the movies we've been strapped to for 100 days. I won't lie, I'm mildly disappointed I couldn't complete the challenge, and I'm sure Nils is mildly disappointed as well.

But there will be other challenges, competitions in the future...this I guarantee. I will also guarantee victory too (by myself that is).

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