Monday, February 1, 2010

Out of a dark cold winter...

Well I've decided to finish this challenge after all.  I've gone through just about a 12 step process after losing the dvd and I'm back to being optimistic that I'll finish within the original goal of 365 days.  As it stands 104 days have elapsed since the competition began, and it's been a few solid months since I've seen T7S.  Nicole is moving to my current city of residence on February 26th courtesy of one Uhaul chauffeur (yours truly) and I've ordered a new copy that should arrive immediately afterwards.

In the black void of time between this post and the previous one a few sub-competitions have sprung up, and I'll try and catch everyone up on them here.

1) Nicole and I each assigned our counterpart an uncommonly used word that we have to try and sprinkle into conversation while going unnoticed by our unsuspecting audience.  I passed off "callipygian" (meaning having an attractive posterior) to Cole while her word for me was "acaudate" (referring to creatures without tails).  Every time we used our word without anyone noticing we secured one point. If someone called us out for using a strange word, or asked us to elaborate on its definition we lost the use of the word and would have to petition the other to be given a new word.  Nicole dominated the first round, racking up 12 points before being called out.  I had less success, mainly because with Avatar having come out everyone wanted to talk about things WITH tails, thus severely limiting the chances for my word to be used.  As it stands the score is 14-6 Nicole.

2) The Shape Challenge.  In this challenge we assigned each other a distinctive shape that we would have to find as many examples of as possible.  A sighting must be verified with photographic or video evidence to be considered legitimate.  I chose a bow-tie shape for Nicole, and for me she selected "Dinosaur shaped".  When I questioned the ease of being able to quantify a "dinosaur shape" she relented and clarified that as long as I could adequately explain the shape's dinosaur-like characteristics it would be counted as legitimate.  Bing.

I'll start to post more regularly again starting now, and will in several posts attempt to describe the harrowing sense of loss and despondence that followed the sudden break in watching T7S.  Truly it was a fight to free myself from the grasping clutches of an addiction, and it took several weeks before I could think and process without the taint of the movie polluting my mental processes.  I was as the moon after a lunar eclipse, slowly growing in confidence and luminescence as the blighted darkness receded...

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  1. Good to see you're back in the saddle again. Meant to ask you about it at the PCKK, and my curiousity to check the blog was roused when I noticed today was Groundhog Day.

    Oh, and Maggie says hello. She thinks that being acaudate makes her quite callipygi-licious.