Monday, February 1, 2010

Buckeye Chuck

Glad to see that Nils has decided to recommence the challenge, in a way I wish I could start again tomorrow, as seeing that it is indeed Groundhog day, it would only be fitting to resume with a marathon viewing.

FUN FACT: Ohio has their own version of Phil the groundhog! They have named their vermin Buckeye Chuck. I'm not sure where in Ohio this event takes place, but I can almost guarantee polka bands and outdated outfits, annoying insurance salesmen, and many women like Nancy Taylor. I debated going and reenacting some of my favorite scenes from the film. I would of course go in costume (that of Nancy), do her modified rumba in pink spandex with rabbit fur earmuffs...and then proceed to a local diner to shove one piece of angel food cake in my mouth with one bite. However I'll be unable to participate in the days festivities due to lack of ride and compatriots.
Instead I will watch the film on my own, just once, since it'd be unfair to rack up more viewings with Nils unable to truly compete.

Yes, I am winning the word challenge...however it should ALSO be noted that I am winning the shape challenge as well by a landslide!

There is another sub-competition of who is more nerdy...we have yet to qualify whether or not being more nerdy is a win, or a loss...this is a challenge in which Nils is dominating...again we have yet to qualify this as a positive for Nils, or for myself...

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