Thursday, April 8, 2010


I feel nauseous. Physically ill.
I'm out of my gourd, like Phil was out of his gourd....
I've come to the end of me, there's no way out, just remember we had a beautiful day together.
he just smiled at me, did you see that? i believe he did.
hey there mister, something i can do you for?
quick get the word out somebody kidnapped phil, we're going after him
why would anyone steal a groundhog
i can think of a couple of reasons, pervert.
insert crap music, fake car chase sounds, bad 80s background
he must have just snapped
this outta be good,
why can he be thinking?
not bad for a quadraped, side of your eye
hey they're chasing us
make it fun
don't drive angry, don't drive angry...

i'm worried.

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